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Supremelogic limited is a versatile company specialized in advanced structural and civil engineering works and in chemical technology. Its works include structural and civil engineering design services and software solutions for design, construction and project management. Our experience includes the construction of large-scale projects of hotels, military camps, residential and industrial buildings, roads and power plants.

In addition, Supremelogic limited invests in commercial properties in the UK and abroad, and in the production of many types of waterproofing and epoxy surfacing material and durable internal and external paints for special industrial and domestic uses.

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Supremelogic limited is registered in England and Wales No. 3394307 at
New House, Church Road, Llanishen, Chepstow, Monmouthshire NP16 6QS

VAT Registration Number: 701004905

We wish to thank those who spent their valuable time in visiting this web site, and pledge to dedicate our sincere efforts to those who contact us seeking our help to improve their businesses.

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